About Us

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Dolce Domenica was founded in Thessaloniki Greece, the year of 1995,

since our main vision is the creation of high quality clothing focusing on the emergence of elegance.

We concentrate our activity on the development of excellent-made garments with faith in aesthetics.

Main objectives of the company are the high quality sewing and the emerge of the modern woman and her style.

Our main principle is to help you discover what makes unique.



Χωρίς τίτλο

The philosophy of fashion for me derives from the textures, smells and the sense of umiqueness.

A garment, a perfume or a pair of shoes is not fashion, I belive that fashion derives from innovation and distinctiveness in their composition.

My biggest inspiration is what I admired as young girl, attention to detail and elegance.

Each piece I create hides a story, love and uniqueness.